Social Media

The rapidly evolving world of online commentary, social media, viral marketing and blogs pose challenges to business communications. Copernio monitors daily what is written online about our clients’ products, services and companies. Our proactive approach not only generates ongoing coverage, but can stop issues before they become problems–and in many instances lead our clients into new and innovative solutions in the online world.


Whether on Twitter, Facebook or a myriad of other social networking websites, Copernio is not only evaluating today's needs but also keeping an eye out for the next hot platform.



Copernio works closely with both professional and citizen bloggers on a daily basis to maximize favorable coverage for clients and address any issues that arise.



Copernio is committed to positioning our clients to best take advantage of what is upcoming from the vantage point of what really works in mobile communications, location based GPS, demographic/psycho graphic programs and other new technologies.