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Earlier Awards

AAF Regional

Burke Industries: Silicone Products Group Brochure
Burke Industries: Ad "This is No Time to Worry about Seals"
Memorex: Ad "Burn Baby Burn"
Memorex: Ad "Look What Memorex is Breaking Now"

Communicator Awards

Burke Industries: Corporate Brochure
Fairchild Fasteners: 10' Trade Show Booth Craphics
Fairchild Fasteners: Special Announcement T-Shirts
Fairchild Fasteners: Products & Applications Calendar
Sony Factory Automation: Ad "The Masterminds of Mastering"
Sony Factory Automation: Ad "Take a Look Inside Sony"


Memorex: Ad "Look What Memorex is Breaking Now"

OC/PRSA Protos

Burke Industries: Commercial Products Brochure
CD Associates: PR Program to Launch DVD Analyzers
CD Associates: Chinese White Papers
Memorex: Public Relations for COMDEX Debut
Memorex: Press Kit for COMDEX Debut
Memorex: Brochures for Memorex & Dysan

Summit Awards

Fairhcild Fasteners: Trade Show Display