Current Job Opening: Assistant Account Executive/Account executive

Copernio's goal is to build a team devoted to maintaining long-term client relationships and utilizing modern media technology to benefit our partners in a true Integrated Marketing Communications environment. We are always on the lookout for talented, career-minded individuals who are committed to the field of public relations and whose work ethic and innovative ideas match our own high standards. 

Copernio is proud of its reputation as an early adopter of cutting-edge technologies, methodologies and applications, and the rapidly evolving areas of public relations and technology drives us to invest in our workforce to ensure they possess both the tools and the know-how to succeed in these integrated, fast-paced fields. Furthermore, we exemplify the high standards of professionalism, ethics and morality that muster editorial trust, enduring client relationships and a healthy, enriching work environment.

Copernio is dedicated to furthering our employees' goals and professional aspirations. Our international growth and investment in emerging technology puts us at the forefront of our profession––and when coupled with over fifty years' worth of experience, we believe that we embody the perfect balance of tried-and-true stability and innovative new ideas.

For college students interested in pursuing public relations as a full-time career, Copernio offers an extensive internship program that immerses students in all aspects of the PR profession––much more than answering phones and making copies.

No matter your level, we are always very interested in individuals fluent in two or more languages. 

Want to become a part of Copernio 's team? Email your resume and cover letter to (for internship positions) or (for full-time positions).

Copernio is an Equal Opportunity Employer.