PR Boutiques International

We’re an international network of boutique PR firms founded by people who put client service first.

PR boutiques are not small firms trying to get big — our business model is mature. Outsourcing non-core activities where necessary, we concentrate on personal service to our clients in pursuit of their defined objectives. Our highly-experienced professionals command a broad range of knowledge, often deeply specialized, both in industry sectors and practice skills. Without endless layers of management and bureaucracy to fight through, decisions translate rapidly into action.

Significantly, boutique PR firms are prospering because clients appreciate the value for money we deliver and increasingly select us over the larger agencies. The principals of most member firms have held senior positions in large PR companies and corporations but now offer clients something more useful than size.

PRBI members are amongst the best minds in public relations across the globe. Our members have extraordinary access to a collective knowledge and networking-base.

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