Michael Williams, Director of Corporate Marketing, Magellan GPS

"I have worked with the team at Copernio going on 10 years at two different companies, most recently Magellan GPS.  When I began at Magellan, I felt so strongly about Copernio's capabilities and performance from their previous work that they were brought on to expand public relations activities for the overall brand, our growing product lines, and multiple new verticals.  Over the years, our coverage and product reviews have increased exponentially.  Copernio stands out among other public relations firms for the stellar results they deliver, their ability to partner and evolve with their customers, and the personal relationships they foster with both the media and their clients.  We couldn't ask for a better company to work with that understands our market, products, objectives and the media."

Jason Liszewski, Managing Director, E FUN

"Copernio has been instrumental in growing the Nextbook brand from our company launch 5 years ago, to today, where we are the fifth largest tablet brand in the US. They act as part of our team, working with our technology partners on fully integrated marketing campaigns with PR at the heart. From digital influencers to brand management, TV/movie placements, and broad media coverage, Copernio knows how to deliver impressive results on a limited budget with high ROI. Nextbook would not be the successful brand it is today without Copernio."

Brian Yurkiw, Vice President, Arbor Solution

"I have had the pleasure of working with Copernio in two different companies.  They built and executed efforts to build the brand and to get our company and product name into the market.  I found them to be very organized and willing to undertake extra ordinary efforts when unique opportunities presented themselves.  In our particular market area, their experience and contacts greatly assisted us in building awareness quickly.  We saw results in the form of leads and referrals quickly after contracting with Copernio.  Lastly, they were most helpful to us internally to keep focus on this essential business effort.  Without their professional persistence we would not have devoted the required time and effort to accomplish our marketing mission."

Arman Arami, President, NYNE

"It's a pleasure to work with the team at Copernio.  They really understand our market and are able to leverage their media relationships to deliver outstanding media coverage and review articles with digital influencers, lifestyle publications, and the broadcast media.  They also deliver creative opportunities to target specific consumer demographics, from Good Morning America's Deals & Steals TV segment, to event marketing to college students during Spring Break."

2014 Hermes Awards Judge

The elements of Copernio’s campaigns work in synergy to convey the core message in a concise and compelling way. The campaigns also represent good use of message repetition across multiple platforms, which is fundamental to effective marketing.

Michael Golacinski , President, Memorex: Memtek Products, Inc.

Re-engineering a company brand is not a simple task.  Expanding the Memorex brand from consumer electronics media to a new line of computer products at retail was the challenge for Copernio.  Their team performed on editor relations, branding, design and trade show support.  In less that a year after Copernio's brand positioning, our computer product sales quadrupled our media sales (which were also up!).

Jim Russel, Vice President, General Manager, Goodrich Aerospace Division

Over a 20 year agency relationship, I have been most impressed with Copernio's ability to publicize worldwide an entirely new product - carbon composite aircraft brakes, technically developed by Goodrich. Copernio's strategic communications program enlightened aircraft and aerospace development engineers from Europe, the U.S. and Asia to the advantages of our lightweight carbon brake solution. These efforts have helped position Goodrich as a leader in the new market.