TheStreet: The Future of Displays with Royole

TheStreet discusses the effect on the display market by the release of the new iPhone X. The development of flexible displays are explained by the success of Royole. 

NIBLETZ: Showing off the Royole Moon

Nibletz describes the award-winning Moon 3D Virtual Mobile Theater. Detailing design, innovation and the future of 3D video with Royole. 

KusiNews: Hot New Products for Fall

Muscleman of Technology talks with Kusi News about the hottest products for fall, including the Nextbook Flexx and Royole Moon. 

ABI: Wearable Healthcare Devices

ABI Research discusses the future of wearable health and fitness trackers through Royole's leading technology for flexible electronics and components. 

MSN: Gourmia Air Fryer Review

Brianna Riddock from MSN Lifestyle reviewed the Gourmia GTA2500 Air Fryer on its effectiveness, ease of use and overall taste of the air-fried food. 

Digital Trends: Gourmia Portable BBQ Grill

Digital Trends featured Gourmia's electric cooking appliances on their website and claims they can turn your tailgating sessions into a gourmet experience.

New Mexico Living: Back to School Necessities

New Mexico Living features the Nextbook Flexx as a high performance tablet with detatchable keyboard. Highlighting the affordability of the product, making the Nextbook Flexx the ideal gift for students. 

Mashable: Gourmia iTea Electric Tea Maker

Mashable highlights Gourmia's newest electronic tea maker. The iTea Gourmia Electric Square Tea Maker is described as convenient and futuristic for all tea lovers.