HFN Magazine: Companies on the Rise - Gourmia

HFN Magazine featured Gourmia in their Companies on the Rise 2018 article. 

TechCrunch: Royole FlexPai First Look

TechCrunch posts a first look at FlexPai from a VIP press event in San Francisco.

Food Network: Gourmia GAF645

The Food Network featured Gourmia's Digital Air Fryer on their 6 top rated air fryers list.

The Verge: Hands On With FlexPai

The Verge was invited to a VIP Press Event in San Francisco where they were able to try out the world's first foldable phone.

Reuters: Royole FlexPai Interview

Reuters was invited to a VIP Press Event in San Francsico where they interviewed Royole's founder and CEO, Dr. Bill Liu.

Business Insider: Royole FlexPai Launch

Business Insider met with Royole and covered their launch of FlexPai.

Android Authority: Hands on With FlexPai

Android Authority attended Royole's VIP Press Event where they filmed a hands-on experience with FlexPai.

HYPEBEAST: FlexPai Announcement Feature

Leading magazine, HYPEBEAST, covered Royole's FlexPai announcement.