As a PR Pro, knowing how to set measurable goals and objectives is essential and the reasons for creating SMART objectives are very simple – to know what you want to accomplish (your goals), and to be able to evaluate how successful you are with your programs. After all, if you don’t know what you want to accomplish, you’ll never get there! In addition, having measurable results throughout your programs will allow you to prove the value of your work to clients, which is crucial for your long term success.

So, let’s jump right in! What exactly are SMART objectives? SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely. Here’s a look at how the acronym relates to PR planning:

SpecificWho, What, When, Where, Why, Which

Define your goal as much as possible so that everyone knows exactly what you are trying to accomplish. Clear objectives will help achieve a goal in defined and measurable terms.

MeasurableFrom and To

Can you measure progress towards your goal? Can you measure the outcome?


Make sure that your goal is not out of reach, but also not below your standards of success.


Good questions to ask yourself are “What impact will it have?” and “Is this goal worthwhile?”. Each objective should fit within your long term plan. If not, it may need to be revisited.


All objectives or goals should have a time limit to help establish a sense of urgency. Set a date of completion as well as progressive steps along the way.

Just a few of the many benefits that SMART objectives will give you include: clearer focus, better resource allocation, better decision making towards your goal(s), will help you better measure your success, and of course give you better overall results!

Have you used SMART objectives personally or professionally? Let us know in the comments!