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Copernio is a leader in integrated communications consistently developing business focused strategies and messaging for clients. Our multidisciplinary approach enables us to effectively integrate traditional media and influencers with innovative digital and social media programs for start-ups through Fortune 100 clients, which has resulted in numerous industry awards.

Who we Are

Copernio is an award winning public relations and marketing communications company working with leading technology, healthtech and lifestyle brands.

What We Do

The team at Copernio works with its clients to identity their unique brand differentiators and effectively communicate them to your targeted audiences.

How We Do It

Utilizing our proprietary process, we are able to differentiate your brand and develop an effective integrated communications program that will set you apart from your competition.


Copernio's trademark of traditional PR and marketing techniques coupled with new social and digital media initiatives has resulted consistent recognition as an industry leader
who we are

A Personal Approach with Proven Results

Copernio's seasoned professionals take advantage of today’s technology to achieve outstanding results that positively impact the bottom line of each client.

Our Mission

Our philosophy of transparency, excellence in what we do and innovation has kept us, and our clients, at the forefront of marketing communications.

Public Relations

Aligning a customer’s expectation of your brand with their actual experience requires a consistent and cohesive communications plan. From traditional public relations to reputation management and thought leadership campaigns, the team at Copernio develops results-driven programs for its clients.

Influencer Marketing

Copernio has been working with influencers for 20 years and excels in identifying the right influencers for your brand, crafting authentic partnerships, and executing impactful campaigns that resonate with your target audiences and increase your bottom line.

Social & Digital Media

Our proactive approach not only generates ongoing coverage, in many instances lead our clients into new and innovative solutions in the online world. From online media to the latest social media properties, we are not only evaluating today’s needs but also keeping an eye out for the next hot platform.

Moniker Branding

Branding is more than just a logo or a catchy tagline—it's the essence of your business, the story you tell, and the emotions you evoke. Whether you're a startup or an established brand, our team is dedicated to helping you build a brand that stands out in a crowded marketplace and leaves a lasting impression.
Global REach & Expertise

Has No Borders

Discover Copernio: a rare breed of boutique agency working with global clients. With a unique blend of international expertise and a pulse on communications trends, we're your trusted partner for success in North America.

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